Second Chance Mentoring is a new initiative to help reduce re-offending. Our program is based on two proven models:- Peer Mentoring and The 12 Step Principals. Second Chance Mentoring was co-founded by two ex-offenders, who have both benefited from Peer Mentoring and have completed 12 Step Programs both inside and outside of prison. Today, both our co-founders live law abiding lives and contribute in their respected communities and society as a whole. They believe that they have developed a unique program which amalgamates both Peer Mentoring and the 12 Steps. When applied properly, this program will help any offender break the cycle of crime, and reduce re-offending levels.

Scott Woodage (co-founder) has spent several spells in prison over a 20 year period. During his last custodial sentence, he felt “washed up” and decided to seek help. As a problem drinker and gambling addict, Scott decided to give the RAPt Program a chance. It literally changed his life. After graduating Scott went on to become a Peer Mentor for RAPt and soon discovered the power of Peer Mentoring. This led him into other Peer Mentoring roles for Aim Higher; Toe by Toe and working with Vulnerable Prisoners. In April 2011, Scott addressed the APPPAG on the subject of Peer Mentoring in Prisons. Since his release from custody Scott has become a successful entrepreneur and co-founded Second Chance Mentoring.

Tony White (co-founder) has also spent many years in and out of prison. Tony was a heroin addict for some 24 years before discovering the RAPt Program. This had a profound influence on his thinking and helped him find sobriety. Tony has been drug free for the last six years and is an active member of the NA Fellowship. Like Scott, Tony also worked as a Peer Mentor for RAPt as well as a Mentor for Toe by Toe. He is also a trained Samaritan Listener. In 2011, Tony won a Koestler Award for Nature Photographer as well as a Koestler Scholarship. His has also been exhibited at The Royal Festival Hall. Since his release from custody, Tony has been working with Scott, in developing Second Chance Mentoring.


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