We are looking to develop robust partnerships with other CJS Agencies, Private Sector Companies, Charities, Grant Funders as well as the MoJ, NOMS, Prisons and Probation Trusts. We would also appreciate support from any Members of Parliament, Members of the Lords and Key Officials within the Judiciary. Any advice or support would be gratefully received. We strongly believe that we can make a difference and are focussed on developing and delivering our program where it matters. For more information or messages of support, please feel free to email us We would also appreciate if you would follow our progress on both our TWITTER and FACEBOOK Pages. 

We are also interested in finding some celebrity patrons. If you would like to discuss a patronage with us, in the first instance please contact Tony White by emailing him at You can also contact us through our TWITTER or FACEBOOK Pages. Ideally we would welcome any celebrity patrons who have an infinity with crime reduction, working with offenders, 12 step principal or who has experienced the mayhem of crime for themselves. We will gladly supply any further information upon request from you or your Agent. We truly believe that with your celebrity endorsement and status this will help us move our project forward. Please get involved with Second Chance Mentoring today!


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