What We Do

Second Chance Mentoring is a new initiative to help reduce re-offending. Our program is based on two proven models:- Peer Mentoring and The 12 Step Principal. Second Chance Mentoring was co-founded by two ex-offenders, who have both benefited from Peer Mentoring and have completed 12 Step Programs both inside and outside of prison. Today, both our co-founders live law abiding lives and contribute in their respected communities and society as a whole. They believe that they have developed a unique program which amalgamates both Peer Mentoring and the 12 Steps in a condensed 7 Step Program. When applied properly, this program will help any offender break the cycle of crime, and reduce re-offending levels.

Our Program encourages, motivates and empowers individuals by introducing proven tools which when applied appropriately will help reduce negative thinking. The 12 Step Principals has been successfully used in helping addicts and alcoholics worldwide find sobriety and integrate back into their respective communities and society in general. These principals can be used to counteract any obsessive behaviour including crime. If an individual is motivated and can demonstrate a desire to break the cycle of re-offending, this program will work for them. There is no miracle cure, its simply a set of tools which if practiced in their daily lives will change their thinking & behaviour.

In addition to working our 7 step program, we will assign a dedicated Peer Mentor whose role is to continuously encourage and motivate individuals in their appropriate step work and beyond. The mentor can also help with signposting to other agencies and support providers. We hope that successful graduates will go on to become Volunteer Peer Mentors and so self perpetuate our Program in the future. It is imperative that our Peer Mentors have at some stage been involved in criminal behaviour and are therefore able to empathize with other offenders. It is also imperative that a Peer Mentor has changed their life for the better as a result of undertaking our 7 step program which they continue to practice.


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