Who We Help

Second Chance Mentoring is a new initiative to help reduce re-offending. Our program is based on two proven models:- Peer Mentoring and The 12 Step Principal. Second Chance Mentoring was co-founded by two ex-offenders, who have both benefited from Peer Mentoring and have completed 12 Step Programs both inside and outside of prison. Today, both our co-founders live law abiding lives and contribute in their respected communities and society as a whole. They believe that they have developed a unique program which amalgamates both Peer Mentoring and the 12 Steps in a condensed 7 step program. When applied properly, this program will help any offender break the cycle of crime, and reduce re-offending levels.

Although we firmly believe that our program can help any offender break the cycle of crime, we understand that the Government has a plan to use ex-offenders to work with short sentenced offenders. Therefore we are focused on delivering our program to this specific group. We are available to work with prisons, probation trusts or any privatized service sector companies and will consider any reasonable partnership with such bodies. Ideally we would like to be given the opportunity to reach as many offenders as possible although we understand that we need to demonstrate the merits of our program in terms of visible results. For more information email us now at contact@secondchancementoring.org.uk 

We are also available to help third party CJS Agencies on a consultancy basis to develop, implement and roll out specific Peer Mentoring Models for their own initiatives. Apart from our obvious knowledge and skills, we also have access to a wide network of Volunteer Peer Mentors who have gone “straight”. Whether your initiative is addiction based or focused on employment or education, our knowledge and experience of the system and the motivation of offenders is unrivaled and will give you a distinct advantage when implementing your own Peer Mentoring Project. For more information, please email Scott Woodage at sw@secondchancementoring.org.uk to discuss your project requirements and objectives.


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